Zaporizhstal held an environmental campaign “Let’s save the Dnipro together!” for cleaning the Dnipro shoreline in Khortytsia

Metinvest Group’s Zaporizhstal with the partners of the “Let’s save the Dnipro together!” participated in the environmental initiative to clean up the shoreline of the Dnipro in  Khortytsia. On June 24, more than 100 activists took part in the action.

The public organization “Metinvest’s Green Center in Zaporizhzhya” was the organizer of the environmental campaign “Let’s save the Dnipro together!” assisted by the Metinvest Group’s Zaporizhstal with “Khortytsia” national reserve with the organizational support of the NGO “Zaporizhzhia. The Platform for Joint Action”.

As part of the first stage of the environmental initiative, which took place on June 24, 2023, volunteers cleaned the inshore area on the tourist beach of Khortytsia. Taking into account the current conditions and the dangerous finds systematically discovered by the citizens on the newly formed reservoir shorelines, the initiators paid special attention to conducting safety briefings with the involvement of specialists of the State Service of Emergency Situations and the National Police in the Zaporizhzhia region.

The campaign participants collected and removed more than 8 cubic meters of garbage: tires, plastic, tin and glass bottles, construction, and household materials.  More than 100 volunteers took part in the environmental initiative, which cleaned the coastline about 1 km long and up to 30 meters wide.

We will remind you of the public environmental initiative “Let’s save the Dnipro together!” is held for the twelfth year in a row with the support of Zaporizhstal. Since 2012, as part of the campaign, about 1,800 trees have been planted, more than 185 tons of garbage have been collected, about 190,000 fish have been released into the Dnipro, 8,600 spawning areas, 30 nests on the water, and 30 bird feeders have been installed. During this period, about 10,000 people took part in the campaign.