“Zaporizhstal” of the Metinvest Group Has Launched a Blast Furnace No. 3 after Major Repairs

“Zaporizhstal” Steel Works of the Metinvest Group completed the major repairs of blast furnace No. 3, which lasted 17 days. Thanks to the works performed under the major repairs, the production resource and design characteristics of the unit were restored, the efficiency of the production and environmental protection equipment was increased. The enterprise allocated about UAH 200 million to update the blast furnace.

“The overall efficiency of the entire Steel Works depends on the stable operation of the blast furnace production area. Therefore, we pay special attention to maintaining the proper technical condition of the main units of the workshop. So far, a large complex of works has been completed, which were carried out in a coordinated and clear manner by a team of Metinvest specialists. Thanks to the professionalism of the specialists of the blast furnace shop and the repair management of the Steel Works, as well as “Zaporozhogneupor”, “Metinvest-Promservice” and other contracting organizations, all planned works were completed on time and with high quality. Now there is an equally important stage – blowing up the blast furnace. The blast furnace will reach its planned production capacity by the end of June,” said Roman Slobodyanyuk, General Director of “Zaporizhstal”.

During the works, which lasted round-the-clock for 17 days, almost 400 specialists replaced the tuyere-cooling plates and performed full shotcreting of the furnace, restored the refractory lining, and carried out revision and repair of all mechanisms. In order to ensure the reliability of the unit’s operation in accordance with the current environmental legislation, full technical maintenance of the aspiration system of the cast house and bin trestle, elements of modern gas treatment, was carried out.

Let us recall, blast furnace No. 3 was shut down for major repairs in May 2023. In general, UAH 450 million will be allocated to major repairs of units of the blast furnace shop of “Zaporizhstal” in this year. Currently, after the commissioning of the blast furnace No. 3, the daily productivity of the blast furnace shop of “Zaporizhstal” will reach 8 000 tons of pig iron.