Volunteers of Zaporizhstal Youth Organization Visit the Displaced Children in Shyroke Village

Zaporizhstal Youth Organization Helps the Zaporizhzhia Zoo

Volunteers from Zaporizhstal youth organization helped Zaporizhzhia Regional Perinatal Center

Metinvest supports the rehabilitation program for children in Zaporizhzhia

State Emergency Service of Zaporizhzhia and PJSC “Zaporizhstal” organize an event to remind children of safety rules

Young employees of the plant played volleyball for the Metallurgist’s Day

“Zaporizhstal” held a warm family holiday for internally displaced persons from Mariupol

PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” of METINVEST Group donated medical equipment for the operating rooms of Zaporizhzhya Military Hospital.

Metinvest volunteers donate humanitarian aid to newborns

Rehabilitation center for Metinvest employees from Mariupol started to work in Zaporizhzhia