PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” resumed shipping medical oxygen for hospitals


PJSC “INTEGRATED IRON AND STEEL WORKS “ZAPORIZHSTAL” of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky’s METINVEST Group resumed producing and shipping medical oxygen for Ukrainian hospitals after partial demothballing of the production.

Among other production units the air distribution plant No.60 in Oxygen and Compressor Shop started operating after the demothballing at PJSC “INTEGRATED IRON AND STEEL WORKS “ZAPORIZHSTAL”. It is responsible for oxygen production for production processes and medical needs.

On April, 12 PJSC “INTEGRATED IRON AND STEEL WORKS “ZAPORIZHSTAL” resumed shipping oxygen for hospitals and has already donated 20 tonnes of certified medical oxygen to the medical institutions of Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk Region.

“A year to the day has passed since PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” obtained a license for the oxygen production for medical needs. During that time we have shipped more than 5,000 tonnes of oxygen to save people’s lives across Ukraine. As before, today PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” hands it over to the hospitals free of charge”, noted METINVEST Group’s PJSC “INTEGRATED IRON AND STEEL WORKS “ZAPORIZHSTAL” General Director Oleksandr Mironenko.

It is worth reminding that in April 2021, PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” of METINVEST Group had obtained a registration certificate from the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for the production of liquid oxygen to be used as a medical and pharmaceutical product. Since then, the steel works has proceeded to supply oxygen to the hospitals of Ukraine on a free of charge basis.