Chernobyl Veterans from Zaporizhzhia Went To Pripyat – to the Places of Accomplished Feat

From Zaporizhzhia Fountain of Life on Mayakovskiy Square, the crew of Chernobyl Veterans from Zaporizhzhia, those who, in 1986, pacified the raging peaceful atom, traditionally went to Pripyat, Chernobyl, to Chernobyl NPP. They will never forget these days of their lives.

Chernobyl Veterans from Zaporizhzhia were followed by rain, wind and cold, but each of them aspired to where his life was divided into two parts – before the Chernobyl NPP accident, and after it.

– We go not because we want so much. Some sixth sense pulls to look at the land that was saved thirty years ago from the disaster, – said the liquidators. Moreover, this catastrophe could be, if not worldwide, but the European – that is for sure. They prevented its consequences.

At the request of the liquidators, such visits became annual. “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works provided financial assistance to them.