Zaporizhstal Youth Organization Helps the Zaporizhzhia Zoo

Young employees of Zaporizhstal brought treats for the residents of the Zaporizhzhia private zoo “Jungle World”.

“We help the “Give a Paw, Friend” animal shelter, and now we have decided to support this zoo as well. Animals need to be helped. Especially since the zoo accepted many pets from forced migrants. I saw information about the Zoo “Jungle World” on the Internet, I came to find out from its director if they needed help. Today we visited this zoo for the first time, and we plan to help it in the future,” said the repairman Vyacheslav Vlasov, who is the head of the youth council of Zaporizhstal Blast Furnace Shop.

The “Jungle World” zoo has existed in Zaporizhzhia for 10 years. All this time, the institution specialized in the rehabilitation of exotic animals. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the zoo also began to accept domestic animals. These are animals that the city’s residents could not take with them when they evacuated to safer places. However, during the full-scale war, the Zaporizhzhia mini-zoo “Jungle World” received more than 450 cats, more than 300 rodents, 4 owls, bird-eating spiders, snakes, lizards and other animals.

“It is difficult for us and we really need the help of caring people,” says Krystyna Nesterenko. “Attendance is low now, and the needs are only growing, because the animals are arriving. We also treat them, and this is a huge item of expenses. Without support, in the war, with such a large number of adoptable animals we would not have survived.”