Volunteers of Zaporizhstal Youth Organization Visit the Displaced Children in Shyroke Village

The war in Ukraine forced millions of people to leave their homes. A large part of the displaced people are children. Some fled from danger to the western part of the country, others sought refuge in the neighboring countries. Zaporizhzhia also accepted many refugees.

Zaporizhstal and its employees make great efforts to provide aid to the displaced people, and especially to children. The volunteers of the Zaporizhstal youth organization also make a great contribution to this cause.

Volunteers of the Zaporizhstal youth organization visited small settlers the other day to deliver pleasant and useful packages. This is not the first time that “Molodizhka” (young people gathering) has visited the children of the displaced people in Shyroke village, and as always coming not with empty hands. This time, the young people of the plant brought the children sweets, fruits, toys and warm clothes, which will come in handy, because autumn is gradually coming into its own.

“It is hard to imagine what they had to go through. Therefore, it is our duty to help children who survived the horrors of war and were forced to leave their homes. This is not the first time we come to this village, bringing what we collect in our volunteer hub. We will surely visit them again,” adds the youth leader of Zaporizhstal Anatoly Shirma.