Zaporizhstal marks the 10th anniversary of Let’s Save the Dnieper Together environmental action by cleaning up and greening up their neighbourhoods

A traditional public environmental initiative, Let’s Save the Dnieper Together, took place on 13 November in Zaporizhia, bringing together employees of Zaporishstal and activists of Metinvest’s Green Centre.

During the event, volunteers cleaned up the beach near the Embankment Highway and planted 200 willows to stabilise and protect the bank in Zavodskoy District.

A lot of people brought their whole families. This initiative is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children responsibility for their home city, and ensure they keep it clean and tidy. All the safety measures were in place during the action.

“It’s the tenth time Zaporizhstal and the youth organisation have joined the Let’s Save the Dnieper Together environmental initiative. We take care of the city: we clean up, plant trees, and stock rivers with fish. Today we are cleaning the embankment, and it’s a pleasure to see that people have responded to our invitation, that they have come to make our city cleaner”, stated Anatoliy Shirma, a leading youth relations specialist at Zaporizhstal.

The initiative Let’s Save the Dnieper Together was launched in 2012 by Zaporizhstal with the support of Metinvest. Over ten years, the activists have planted 1,800 trees, collected more than 180 tonnes of garbage, released about 190,000 fish specimens into the river, installed 8,600 spawning beds and grounds, 30 floating nests, and 30 bird feeders. So far, more than 9,700 Zaporizhia residents have been engaged in the environmental initiative.