Zaporizhstal helped the team of Zaporizhzhia cyclists prepare for the competition

On August 16, the team of the Cycling Federation of Zaporizhzhia Region will go to Stary Sambir in Lviv Region to take part in a team cycling race.

A team of four will take part in a 100 km race. They prepared for this event on regular trainings, which took place 4 times a week. In addition to training, athletes needed a professional sports uniform that would not create discomfort during the race.

Zaporizhstal helped to acquire such a uniform for athletes. A special uniform was made to order by a company that produces uniforms for the top echelon of world cycling.

– I have been cycling for about two years. And I was very lucky with my wonderful team! We work as a single coordinated mechanism, where each shows its strengths and insures the weaknesses of the other. That is why I think we will show a good result at the cycling race. Moreover, we will go in our new bright uniform. This crimson color will not allow us to get lost in the crowd, and if someone breaks away from the team, they will be able to find it quickly.

I was very lucky with the place of work. After all, the plant is very supportive of the sports movement. Therefore, I can combine work with a hobby. Of course, the quarantine greatly affected us, all mass events were cancelled. But I really hope that it will end soon, and “Zaporizhstal” will resume the traditional sport games. I even started cycling after the such games. I used to be a runner and then decided to try cycling. So it fascinated me, said a member of cycling team and an employee of Zaporizhstal railway department, Vladimir Korzhov