Zaporizhstal Steel Works congratulated veterans of Zaporozhye on the eve of Victory Day

They won the Victory for us, worked in the home front, restored industrial enterprises destroyed by the war – as a result they gave us peace and the opportunity to live, work, create and dream freely.

On the eve of the feast veterans of Zaporozhye gathered in the Palace of Culture, such meetings have already become traditional. The general director of PJSC «Zaporizhstal» Rostyslav Shurma and the general director of PJSC «Zaporozhogneupor» Viktor Busko congratulated guests on behalf of metallurgists. They thanked veterans for the fact that the people of the older generation with their whole lives provided a peaceful life for us, not only won the victory, but also rebuilt the country, raising it from the devastation. And they wished veterans the strongest health, peaceful skies, prosperity, vivacity and confidence in the future.

– I think that our generation will never fully understand the importance, value and significance of this day. This really can only be realized by our grandmothers and grandfathers, who themselves went through that war. And our holy duty is to respect them, honor their memory, take care of them, support them. Because they gave us a free country, they gave us peace, an opportunity to live and develop freely. That is why I want to give all the veterans many thanks from Zaporizhstal Steel Works and from our young generation. We will do everything to ensure that their feat lives in the memory of future generations”, said Rostyslav Shurma, General Director of Zaporizhstal.

On this day, Grigory Konstantinovich Pometun famous steelworker of Zaporizhstal and Hero of Socialist Labor celebrated his 87th Birthday. The General Director of the Works Rostyslav Shurma congratulated him and wished him happy birthday, prosperity and long life. And, of course, continue to be always in communication with the native enterprise, with the Zaporizhstal Steel Works.

And the song from the movie “Spring on Zarechnaya Street”, which became a hymn to metallurgists and our whole city, was a special gift for Grigory Pometun and all the veterans.