IV All-Ukrainian Youth Festival was held in the city of Zaporozhye

From 31th August until 2nd September “Zobi Fest” supported by the PJSC “Zaporizhstal” was held in the city of Zaporozhye. “Zobi Fest” is an all-Ukrainian student festival, which is not so easy to get on. In the last days of summer, young people not only had a rest, but also had an opportunity to talk with the CEO of the enterprise Rostislav Shurma.

Young people also have traditions

At the end of summer, the children’s health camp “Sputnik” becomes a territory of students for several days. Here goes “Zobi Fest”. In just 4 years, a small project developed by students for students has grown to an all-Ukrainian scale event. Young people from different parts of our country came here.  Participants from Kharkov, Dnipro and Kiev came to “Zobi Fest” this year.

 – At the fourth festival, even young people from abroad came to us: Czech Republic, Poland and England, – said the Deputy of the Zaporozhye Youth City Council and the co-organizer of the festival Tatyana Baranova.

Ticket for the good

Not everyone could get to the festival. Moreover, the issue is not that the festival is strictly for young people. “Zobi Fest” has a certain rule – a ticket to the festival will receive that one, who will do a good deed.

 – It is impossible to get to this festival for money, only if you did a good deed. In this way, even your business relations will not be helpful. This year, 550 people received tickets for the festival. For this purpose, separate groups of students together conducted the volunteer clean-up days, in order to restore children’s playgrounds. There were even some lectures about high blood pressure for retired people.

All their exploits young people documented and laid out in social networks – it was a sign that they are ready to participate.

Important conversation

Board and computer games, swimming pool, street basketball and drawing classes – a lot of entertainment was waiting for students. However, as it turned out, not only these things have attracted the youth at the festival.

Students entered the very fascinating discussion with Rostislav Shurma, CEO of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”.  The exact topics were not announced, that is why the young people could ask any question interesting to them.

During an hour and a half the students together with Rostislav Igorevich discussed the necessary changes in the system of Ukrainian education, the work done on the environmental modernization of “Zaporizhstal”, the need to go to politics in order to do good deeds and much more.  In a conversation about the city, young people noted that now the large-scale work to improve the tourist attraction of the city of Zaporozhye is under way, where also participates “Zaporizhstal”. The full version of the meeting can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/zaporizhstal/videos/1914719371951493/

Young people did not hesitate to talk about the problems that concern them. One of the students, who is engaged in skateboarding, asked if the combine could help with the embodiment of the skatepark project in the city.

 – We will always gladly support any initiatives, including the skatepark. Instead of coming with a question, we should come with a specific proposal. I do not promise that we will build it one hundred percent, but we will definitely make an overview of the project and with the help of the enterprise, the city and several sources, we will soon make it appear. I think that “Zaporizhstal” is ready to become the main sponsor, – said Rostislav Shurma.