On One Screen

A unique system for monitoring the operation of automobile transport in industries is implemented at “Zaporizhstal”.

On how well the transport logistics are organized at the enterprise, the production performance of business units, the fulfillment of the business plan for the shipment of finished products, the on line supply of the workshops with necessary materials and much more depends.

A new control center with a unique monitoring system is called on improvement the management and control of automobile transport working at the Steel Works. The entire vehicle fleet of “Zaporizhstal” – more than 350 units of equipment, including cars and trucks, as well as buses involved in passenger transportation, is now equipped with GPS navigation. Thus, the location of all the vehicles is displayed on the map in real time.

UAH 1.2 million is the investment in the creation of a modern control center.

The effectiveness of the monitoring system is increased by the access to process CCTV cameras, the image of which is streamed to the screen of the control room. This allows to see what kind of operation the vehicles are currently performing, and in case of downtime detection – it helps quickly to take measures to eliminate them.

Note that the monitoring system allows optimizing the work of not only factory vehicles, but also vehicles of contractors. Since the opening of the control center, the availability of a working GPS-navigator is a mandatory condition for the work of the contractors’ vehicles at the territory of the Steel Works.

– The implementation of a vehicle monitoring system helps us to organize the production process most effectively. We already see a positive trend in terms of reducing downtime,” – said Yevgeniy Zyuzin, Head of automobile transport department. – Accordingly, this allows us to gradually raise the bar on shipping products, work with higher efficiency.