Project “Ask the Doctor” of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation: Expert dispelled myths about vaccination

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation continues the information campaign about the coronavirus within the framework of the project «Ask the Doctor». Leading medical experts in Ukraine talk about the international experience of fighting the pandemic, dispel prejudices and talk about how to protect yourself in an easy-to-understand way. This time Maria Vitkovskaya, therapist, family medicine doctor, member of the Association for Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, became the next project expert.

Thus, she talked about what awaits those vaccinated against COVID-19 a few years later:

“I think that by then we will finally overcome the coronavirus. And we will live happily. If we talk about the myths according to which something bad will happen to a vaccinated person in a few years, then this will not happen. The vaccine has no effect on life expectancy or quality.”

Maria Vitkovskaya emphasized that for the moment there is no truly effective cure for coronavirus. Therefore, only vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself.

“There are only certain people with specific diseases for whom this is contraindicated,” the doctor added.

The expert also dispelled the myth that vaccination infects a person with the COVID-19 virus.

“The vaccine “teaches” our immune system to produce antibodies against the coronavirus. Yes, it constantly mutates, but this applies only to some of its parts, the rest remain unchanged. Therefore, vaccination continues to be effective,” – explained Maria Vitkovskaya.

She also commented on the statement of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the control of antibiotic intake by Ukrainians.

“Actually, this is very good news. Uncontrolled intake of antibiotics is now a very serious problem not only in our country, but all over the world. I think this will allow us to protect ourselves from further antibiotic resistance. Right now it is gaining momentum. Many patients buy medicines, use them on their own, although in most cases there is no indication for this,” the expert noted.

She reminded that antiviral drugs are also not an effective remedy for coronavirus:

“Now there is no evidence base for their effectiveness. Sometimes they can even harm a person. And in general, excessive stimulation of immunity with COVID-19 can backfire on you later.”

Marina Vitkovskaya also told what was known for the moment about the new variant of the coronavirus called “Omicron”.

“There is very little information so far. The only thing we know is that it spreads and reproduces very fast. The disease can proceed in the same way as when infected with the Delta strain. Most of all, we are afraid that this “Omicron” will be more widespread and our hospitals simply will not cope with the influx of patients,” – the doctor explained.

Since the start of broadcasting of “Ask the Doctor” on digital platforms of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, the content of the project has been watched over 21 million times. Previously, experts of live broadcasts were such renowned experts as Boris Todurov, a famous cardiac surgeon; cardiologist, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, member of the European Society of Cardiology Yekaterina Amosova; psychiatrist, doctor of medical sciences, professor Oleg Chaban; President of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine Sergey Dubrov and others.

“Ask the Doctor” is part of the “Fighting COVID-19 in Ukraine” project. In total UAH 500 mln has been allocated by Rinat Akhmetov for combating the coronavirus in Ukraine. As a result, the Foundation has helped 1.5 mln. people to survive.

You can watch videos of broadcasts with experienced practitioners on the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Facebook page, as well as on YouTube.