Zaporizhstal Sends UAH 3.5 Million a Month to Diagnose Gas Purifications from the Sinter Plant

Annually, Zaporizhstal allocates more than UAH42 million for the diagnosis and maintenance of gas cleaning systems of all six sinter machines. Recall that the Works invested in the environmental modernization of the sinter plant – the installation of gas cleaning systems for sinter machines No. 1 to 6 – more than UAH 1.2 billion.


The principle of operation of new gas treatment plants of sinter machines is based on a two-stage purification of exhaust gases from dust up to 30 mg/m3 and up to 400 mg/m3 from sulfur dioxide in bag filters. This solution is the most modern and effective: 95% of gas cleaning systems installed at metallurgical enterprises in China, the USA and Europe are equipped with such filters.

The gas-cleaning equipment of the sinter machines works properly due to the planned monthly maintenance and diagnostics. According to the schedule for each of the six sinter machines to stop for maintenance, its gas treatment system is simultaneously stopped for diagnosis. Thus, the gas cleaning stops for maintenance only during a complete stop of the sinter machine itself.

To diagnose gas purification, a contrast powder sensitive to ultraviolet is introduced into the exhaust gas stream. It passes through the bag filters and in the light of ultraviolet lamps shows the slightest flaws and workings on the sleeves. Filtering elements on which a violation of integrity is detected are replaced with new ones.

Reliable operation of a complex set of gas purification systems is provided by a specialized service for monitoring and controlling the operation of gas purification sinter plants.

Each sintering machine is equipped with emission control sensors, which online, with a resolution of milliseconds, show the efficiency of gas cleaning equipment. The online monitoring system allows you to control the final concentration of emissions of harmful substances at the outlet to the atmosphere, and also makes it possible to promptly control the cleaning process, which ensures the reliability and efficiency of gas treatment equipment operation.

Recall that since 2012, Zaporizhstal allocated about UAH15 billion for eco-modernization. The largest of the implemented projects is the ecological reconstruction of blast furnaces with the installation of modern suction systems at foundry yards and a bunker trestle, the construction of the only hydrochloric acid pickling line in CRMShop-1, the commissioning of a complex for the return of industrial storm water, etc.