Metinvest Digital Transfered Metinvest Group IT Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Metinvest Digital has completed a project to migrate Metinvest Group’s IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The company transferred to the cloud 680 servers of two central data centers of Metinvest, which were used to provide the IT services of the Group. Of these, 85 terminal servers were transformed into the PaaS (Platform as a Service) Windows Virtual Desktop format for 2 thousand users, which was the first implementation of such a solution in Ukraine. The main purpose of migration is to increase the efficiency, reliability and security of Metinvest’s IT infrastructure, as well as to make it more flexible and adaptive when implementing digital transformation projects.

Metinvest Digital implemented the migration project, which became one of the largest in Ukraine and lasted almost 12 months, in partnership with Infopulse and Microsoft. Last year, Metinvest Digital already transferred all IT services of Metinvest Group’s assets in Europe and the USA to the Azure cloud platform.

Sergey Detyuk, IT Director of Metinvest Group, General Director of Metinvest Digital:

– The transition to the full use of cloud data centers is a new stage in the development of Metinvest IT Group. Microsoft Azure technologies and solutions will provide the company with significant benefits. Firstly, flexibility in scaling computing resources and information storage systems. We will be able to respond more quickly to business needs for the deployment of new systems or services. Secondly, the high level of reliability of the entire IT infrastructure, in particular information security, will reduce the risks of downtime and ensure the continuity of the business processes of our enterprises. Thirdly, lower capital and operating costs for infrastructure support. So, in a 10-year perspective, we will save more than UAH 80 million due to migration to the cloud. In addition, a modern cloud infrastructure is the foundation for improving the performance of existing IT systems and the operational implementation of innovative technologies in industry 4.0.

Jan Peter de Jong, Microsoft Ukraine CEO:

– Metinvest Group has carried out a tremendous digital transformation. Migrating to Azure, our customers receive a set of reliable cloud services that are constantly expanding, with the highest possible level of security, which is taken care of by expert teams, and also receive funds to meet the standards, norms and certifications trusted by enterprises, governments and startups around the world . Microsoft is committed to helping Ukrainian companies modernize their business with the latest technology. Thanks to the partnership with Metinvest Digital and Infopulse, we are witnessing in Ukraine an exceptional case of Metinvest’s powerful digital transformation, which will help the group of companies to develop further by introducing new innovative solutions in the metallurgical industry.

Alexey Masharov, Delivery Manager, Managed Services and Solutions, Infopulse:

– Infopulse is a company that is at the forefront of the great challenges of digital transformation. We are inspired by projects and people who accept these challenges for the sake of change for the better. When we were invited to take part in one of the largest cloud migration projects in Eastern Europe, we could not stay away. Our experience, confidence in the expertise and strengths of the Infopulse team, as well as the ambitious goals and the high level of professionalism of the Metinvest Digital team were a real incentive for us to make every effort to implement this, without exaggeration, large-scale project. The synergy of the two teams allowed us to hold extremely productive architectural sessions in a fairly short time and develop the most optimal solution to meet the high standards of Metinvest Group business.

Metinvest Group is one of the largest Microsoft customers in Ukraine. Moving to the cloud now allows the Group to quickly and efficiently implement innovative IT solutions. According to the IT development strategy, in the near future, the company plans to implement new and develop existing projects of the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), big data processing (Big Data), production process control (MES), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML), the use of drones and UAVs (unscrewed aerial vehicle) in production, computer vision systems and other innovative solutions and technologies.