Zaporizhstal handed over a new fire-fighting machine to Zaporizhzhia State Fire and Rescue Unit No. 29


At the Day of the Rescuer of Ukraine “Zaporizhstal” handed over a modern fire-fighting machine based on the MAN chassis to the state fire and rescue unit No. 29 (GPSCH-29). The Works allocated 4.3 million UAH to purchase new fire equipment.

“Rescuer is a courageous and important profession. Firefighters are always on guard of our safety and the first to come to the rescue, which is especially important for metallurgy – the industry associated with fire. We must support them and not add work, acting in a coherent and safe manner at the factory, «said Alexander Mironenko, the CEO of Zaporizhstal Steel Works.

Fire-fighting machine is the first new car in our department over the past 20 years. The capacity of the new tank is 2.5 times bigger than previous, and is about 5 tons of water and 500 liters of foaming agent. The machine is equipped with convenient multifunctional fire barrels of a combined type and a pumping unit, which provide a jet ejection range of up to 30 meters in height with a capacity of 60 liters per second. All this allows you to quickly localize and put the fire out.

A vehicle equipped with a heated pump will ensure efficient operation at low air temperatures, which is especially important in the cold season. The fire truck is equipped with light masts and a set of additional rescue equipment – a chainsaw and gas cutter.