Information for the mass media. Disproof of fake information about explosion in Zaporizhstal

Dear colleagues,

We inform you that

In a number of mass media and Internet communities in social networks is distributed false information about so-called accident (EXPLOSION) on the blast furnace of PJSC Zaporizhstal. This information is not true.

We inform you that in the blast furnace shop of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” two blast furnaces are operating in the normal production mode – No. 3 and 4. At the moment, blast furnace No. 2 is stopped for scheduled repairs, repair work and cleaning of the accumulated slag is underway. These days the overhaul of blast furnace No. 5 has also been completed; now the enterprise is working to bring the metallurgical unit to its planned parameters.

The company operates as usual. For those who want, we are ready to arrange a visit to the Zaporizhstal production site after quarantine has been completed so that you can make sure that there were no explosions or emergency situations at the plant.

Yours faithfully,

Press Service Zaporizhstal PJSC