On October, 15th, 2014 in Zaporozhye around 100-150 persons in masks with symbolic designation of the “Pravyi Sector”, blocked the main entrances of the “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, putting at risk the work of the many thousands staff of the industrial complex.

In particular, transport through–passages of the Steel Works are blocked, which make difficulties of productive work of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works. At that, access of Steel Work’s employees and contractor organization to working places is complicated, deliveries of equipment and raw materials are interrupted.

Action bears expressly paid for and politically motivated nature. Taking advantage of political instability, radical elements use this action as pretext for swinging the situation in the city and Zaporozhye region. Similar actions are destabilizing ones, and bring to raising of social unrest in the region.

In pursuit for up-to-the-minute political dividends, trouble-free operation of Steel Works is put at risk, as a result of this, 15 thousand of Zaporozhstal employees could lose the job and guaranteed wage, revenues to the budgets would stop of all levels. Also, under threat is the work of contractor organizations, which take part in construction of important projects of ecological modernization. We emphasize attention, that in case the Steel Works operation is stopped, it would be very difficult to start up the production process all over again.

General director of “Zaporozhstal Steel Works is making a statement:

«It is very bad, when the fate of tens of thousands people and their families is put at hazard by some political forces. In political process, it is impossible to put at hazard big 15 thousand collective body. Let the law enforcement agencies investigate, because somebody, by this action, obviously pursuer its own political objectives. We are open for constructive dialogue and ready to conduct it. Unfortunately, as of today, the other side does not make attempts to dialog. Clear cut provocation is taking place now. If they want dialogue, why to pour out slag on the road to Steel Works and close the way to the working places?! All waste treatment facilities of the Steel Works are operating and had operated in routine mode. Steel Works fulfils all requirements of ecological legislation and implement the vast ecological program, and today, it is fulfilled ahead of schedule. Steel Works is open and accessible to all, transparently shows what is done and invested. The events which take place to-day is nothing more than provocation of protestors-on-hire”.

According to statement of press-secretary of “Pravyi Sector” Artem Scoropadskiy: : “Pavyi Sector” is beside the point of this action. The party “Pavyi Sector” dismiss its involvement in hindering activities of ”Zaporozhstal” employees. We do not know what are these groups of people, what aims they pursue. Our attributes could be obtained anywhere. Probably, this is provocation, which discrediting our organization”.

It should be pointed out, that “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works is one of a number of consistently running enterprise in Ukraine, with unquestionable financial, production and social image. “Zaporozhstal” ensures economic independence of state, timely filling up the budgets of all levels.