The big and well-consolidated collective of hot-strip mill shop, which works in a high productive and workmanlike manner, is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. This makes our souls happier and triumphant. I cordially congratulate the veterans, who have devoted decades of their lives to the hot-strip rolling mill, the collective of the shop, who day and night keep a tough watch for the sake of prosperity of Zaporizhstal, with this glorious holiday and all those who had a chance to work in our shop during these years. I am sure that every worker is proud that he had something to do with the legendary hot strip mill shop. I wish you well, happiness, prosperity, good health and new achievements.

Sergey Matsko, Hot Strip Mill Shop superintendent


1200 workers work in the hot strip mill shop, 172 of them are women and 50% are youth. 236 workers have higher education and 727 have special and technical secondary education. The trade union organization consists of 39 trade union groups. Among the roller specialists there are 2 Heroes of Social Labour, 16 Honoured Metallurgists of Ukraine, 6 Lenin decoration holders, 5 Revolution decoration holders, 28 Labour Red Banner decoration holders, 23 have been awarded the order of Badge of Honor, 20 Labour Glory decoration holders. One roller specialist has been awarded the order of Badge of Honor of the President of Ukraine, one — Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Industry, one — Certificate of Merit of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and one — Certificate of Merit of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions.