On 29 April the assembly hall of the Management of Railway Transport a meeting of the managers of structural units and active trade union workers of Zaporizhstal took place. The state of labour protection in the branch of industry, in Ukraine and at Zaporizhstal JSC, in particular, was discussed at the meeting.

A.S. Sheludchenko, deputy technical director on labour protection, deputy head of the labour protection service, told about new trends in production organization and in the legal aspect of labour protection. Analyzing the statistic data on labour protection in metallurgy, he stated, that at Zaporizhstal JSC there were only 9 cases of traumatism (industrial injuries). This is the best showing in the branch of industry.

– The Zaporizhstal workers’ attitude towards their work regarding health protection and the protection of their lives is quite serious, — stated Alexander Stepanovich. — Special gratitude should be expressed to the managers of the structural units and active trade union workers.

As is well known, from 28 March to 28 April month of labour protection took place. Its results were dedicated to the Day of labour protection in Ukraine and to the World day of labour protection. The main items of this event were “My life, my work, my safe labour” and “Control of professional risks”. During the month’s campaign shop committees organized purposeful check-ups of the state of labour protection in the structural units, both in day shifts, and in night shifts. The presence of instructions on labour protection at work places, the availability of means of individual protection, trouble-free operation of equipment, instruments and devices, monitoring of check-up results, fulfillment of planned measures on labour protection have been checked.

In the open-hearth furnace shop and cold rolling shop No.1 responsible people (people on duty) were appointed to control safety free jobs and how the requirements on normative and legal acts on labour protection are followed.

Additional measures directed towards prevention of industrial injuries, common sickness and cases of professional illnesses have been developed and introduced. For example, in the sintering shop repair of the brick walls of the sintering building was done; in the blast furnace shop a platform for burning-through of the scum of the hot-metal ladle cars has been organized and the pouring nozzle on working platforms of casting machines 1-2 have been fenced in; in the shop for repair of metallurgical furnaces work of the conveyor from the right and the left regenerator MP-2 has been improved; in the electrical maintenance shop additional measures have been worked out to prepare work places for carrying out repair of electrical equipment in the Works’ shops.

Proposals of the workers on improvement of working conditions, condition of equipment, production and sanitary ablution, elimination of inconsistency in operation of production means and safety have been collected. Most actively this job has been done in the open-hearth furnace shop where the workers have been surveyed on labour protection. In cold-rolling shop No.1 a business game under the motto “Do you know safety rules?” and a competition of children’s drawings on the item of breaking labour safety norms took place.

Seminars on labour protection and a competition “Best worker on labour protection” were held. The committee on summing up the results of the competition awarded the title “Best engineer on labour protection” to V.N. Oleynik, an engineer on labour protection; the senior social inspector on labour protection of the railway transport management, locomotive driver (instructor) N.S. Stepanets, was awarded the title “Best senior social inspector on labour protection”; senior engineer of the labour protection department office, S.A. Nominas, was awarded the title “Best worker of labour protection service”. All the winners of the competition have been given gifts of money.

Competition on “Best collective on labour protection” under the motto “For safety labour and high culture of production” for the first quarter of 2008 has been summed up.

In the first group of shops the winner is the collective of the open-hearth furnace shop (gift of money — 10 000 UAH), in the second group of shops the winner is the collective of repair and maintenance shop (5 000 UAH), in the third group of shops the winner is the collective of the shop for repair of metallurgical equipment No.2 (5000UAH), in the fourth group of shops the winner is the collective of agro complex (5000 UAH), in the fifth group of shops the winner is the collective of the Public Catering & Trade Shop (10 000 UAH).

Winners of the competition have been presented with diplomas and flowers.