In 2015, the within Programme for the Improvement of working life for employees, “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works will allocate about USD 16 million in order to bring the sanitary and administrative buildings and premises in accordance with the best practices of culture and life in the workplaces. Among the objects there are dining rooms, showers, toilets and dressing rooms of the administrative and living buildings complex.

The Works, following the principles of corporate social responsibility of Metinvest Group, implements a Program to improve working life, consistently increasing funding since August, 2012 (in 2012, the investments made up UAH 920 thousand; in 2013 – UAH 2.2 million; in 2014 – UAH12 million).

“The success of any business depends on people, on their professionalism and attitude to work. This is closely related to working conditions, wages level and opportunities for proper recreation. We will do everything required for the safe and efficient operation of our metallurgists, despite of difficult economic situation”, – the Chief Executive Officer of “Zaporizhstal” JSC Rostyslav Shurma underlined.

Within the Programme for the Improvement of working life for employees of the Works in 2015, an overhaul is scheduled for 50 facilities in 20 departments of the Works. Among the objects there are meal rooms, showers, toilets and dressing rooms of office buildings. Repair of welfare rooms is carried out applying some new technologies and high-quality building materials, energy-saving lighting systems, ventilation and air conditioning. After the repair, modern equipment, ergonomic furniture and equipment are installed there.

Besides, the Programme provides for the installation of over 160 split-systems for air-conditioning in the workplaces in different departments of the Works. The investment will amount to about UAH1.8 million.

With the aim to ensure optimum water drinking schedule for the staff of the main shops at “Zaporizhstal” Works, 245 automatic machines of carbonated water had been installed. In 2015, the Works plans additionally to purchase 15 new machines of carbonated water with lightly solting function. The investments will amount of about UAH 600 thousand.

In 2014, the Works had a major overhaul, revamping and modernization of 32 objects the working life with total area of 4.3 thousand sq. meters. The largest event of the Program was the building and commissioning of an administration office building at “Domennaya” station, the investments amounted to UAH1.2 million. In 2014, 5 water closets and 21 meal rooms were repaired.

Please be reminded, that from April, 2015, the wages to all employees of the Works were increased by an average of 23%, upon the results of operation in May, the average salary at the Works makes up UAH 9 720.