Congratulations of General Director Roman Slobodianiuk on the 90th anniversary of Zaporizhstal

Dear Zaporizhstal employees, colleagues and partners!

On the 16th of November 1933, with the first pig iron production, the history of Zaporizhstal Iron and Steel Works began. The legend, tempered by fire, the life story of thousands of people of a large steelmaking family.

This is a story of achievements and losses, hard work and discoveries, challenges and victories, records and recognition. This is a story of love for the work of life, which has lasted for 90 years and will continue to last.

Today, Zaporizhstal is a team of ten thousand skilled and powerful professionals, the best in the industry. Yes, we are very different, but we are united by common values – simple and understandable to everyone. We want to live in a free, strong and independent country of the future, the future of our children. We want to make our country such by ourselves.

We know that the path to our common goal is not easy, but it is worth the efforts of each of us. Of steel makers who give life to Ukrainian steel every day. Of our fellow colleagues who are defending Ukraine on the front lines. Of our young people who are paving the way for changes with their energy and strength. Of veterans who have generously passed on their decades of experience to new generations.

Today, the events of spring 2022, when we were forced to stop work completely, are history. For the first time since the Second World War, we shut down the heart of the plant, the blast furnace shop, and all the divisions with it. But later, we returned to work despite shelling, blackouts and the proximity of the front line. We did not break down because we are not just a steel plant. We are a steel family of strong and responsible people.

Zaporizhzhia is ours, our native city, and you help your family even when it’s hard for you. That is why, despite all the challenges, we stand together. Zaporizhstal’s steelmakers are involved in eliminating the consequences of enemy shelling, restoring housing infrastructure, providing assistance to medical institutions, and implementing socially important projects for the city’s residents. We support Ukraine’s defenders because our family, like hundreds of thousands of families across the country, is waiting for their soldiers to come home. We know they will return with victory, and we are bringing it closer together.

We also have plans for the time after the victory. We are already doing everything possible to revive the power of Zaporizhstal – renewed, modernised, reborn into new facilities in line with global trends. We feel the power in our hands and the thirst for changes in our hearts. We have experience of large projects that were ahead of their time, which means we are able to implement ambitious plans.

Dear friends, the steel family of Zaporizhstal!

I wish you all good health, inspired work, harmony in families and peaceful skies!

We are strong and unbreakable, like steel itself, because we are fire-hardened!

We work and win together!

Happy anniversary, Zaporizhstal!