5865 Zaporizhzhia children received school gifts from Metinvest


The enterprises of Metinvest Group in Zaporizhzhia – Zaporizhstal, Zaporozhkoks, Zaporozhogneupor and Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant – presented schoolchildren whose parents work at the Company’s enterprises with the necessary educational kits by the beginning of the school year. More than 3 million UAH were allocated for the purchase of 5,865 sets of school supplies from Metinvest enterprise in Zaporizhzhia.

Gifts are selected according to the age of pupils. First-graders were given more than 15 ergonomic backpacks with stationery: pencil case, diary, notebooks, pencils, pens, paints, brushes, as well as an antiseptic hand gel equipped with a carabiner. Children aged 7–11 received backpacks and sets for creative development: albums, colored markers and pencils, plasticine, paints, brushes, scissors. Pupils 12-16 years old were presented with backpacks and sets for geometry and drawing: compasses with replaceable leads, triangles, protractors, graphite pencils.

“Our main task, despite all the difficulties the world has faced in this difficult period, is to maintain the stable operation of enterprises, payments and implementation of a social package, including providing the children of employees with school supplies. I hope that our school gifts have strengthened the desire to learn and make pupils happy”, said Aleksandr Mironenko, CEO of Zaporizhstal.

By the beginning of the school year, more than 33 thousand schoolchildren in all cities of Ukraine where Metinvest enterprises are located will receive such assistance. The company invested UAH 14.5 million in this social program.

In connection with the quarantine regime, the management of the enterprises decided not to put employees and their families at risk and to postpone the traditional holiday to the Day of Knowledge for the next year. Volunteers – members of youth organizations “Zaporizhstal”, “Zaporozhkoks”, “Zaporozhogneupor” and Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant – organized the distribution of school kits in the divisions of enterprises.