A Contest “Beauty of “Zaporizhstal” “2017” Was Held In the City of Zaporozhye

On the eve of March 8, the annual competitive show program “Beauty of “Zaporizhstal” “2017” was held in the Metallurgists Palace of Culture “!  Nine beautiful participants were not only open their own unique, beautiful image, but also they demonstrated their talents in art, to win the jury and spectators with the help of charm and charisma.  All the girls showed themselves with brilliance in the fashion show “Star Fashion”, video presentations “We will know each other”, contests “Dolce Vita” and “All the colors of my world”, defile in the evening dresses “Midnight”, creative contests.

“Beauty of “Zaporizhstal” “2017” is our traditional event, but this year we decided to modify it, make it even more beautiful, brought the program closer to events of such a high level as Miss Zaporozhye or Miss Ukraine,” said Sergey Ilchenko, the Head of the Youth Organization of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”. – We dedicate this holiday to the anniversary of the youth organization of the plant, this year it turns 25 years old.  In this regard, the activist of the youth organization decided to add a few new colors and emotions in all activities.

The most beautiful and talented girl of the plant recognized the Leading Economist of the Planning and Budget Department of the Financial Directorate of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, 29-year-old Elena Beslik .  For the winner, in addition to the traditional crown, a prize was prepared in a form of certificate in the hardware store for 10 thousand UAH.

The show “Beauty of “Zaporizhstal” enjoys constant popularity among the employees of the enterprise.  The Administration of the enterprise provides fully financing for this contest, so that both participants and spectators will remember this holiday for a long time.