Under The “Clean City” Campaign, a Saturday Voluntary Work Day Was Held At the Territory of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works

More than hundred employees of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works decided to make it cleaner not only the city, but also the territory of the enterprise, and together they came on the Saturday voluntary work day. Someone stayed after the night shift, someone helped to clean up, when there was a free moment, and many people even came at the Steel Works on their day off.

By the spring season, the enterprise had prepared in advance, cleaned the dead wood and garbage on the first spring days, so the main scope of works was landscaping, whitewashing of trees and curbs, painting of fences. Altogether more than 150 young trees and bushes were planted on the territory of the plant today: birches, maples, lindens, lilacs, boxwood, magnolias – will gratify Zaporizhstal employees.

– We supported the “Clean City” campaign with pleasure, because work is our second home, and it is very important to see cleanliness and order here. Today, for example, we plant young birches, and next to it – a tree that I planted thirteen years ago, also on a Saturday voluntary work day. Therefore, such campaigns are very necessary to make our Steel Works even more beautiful,” – said Aleksandr Solovyov, gas-purifying operator of Gas shop.