In the Crisis Centre “Cozy House” there was a Space for a Comfortable Rest

Both for children and adults: thanks to the grant of the competition “We are the City”, a children’s and sports grounds were opened on the territory of the Center for Social Support.

The Center for Social Support for Families in Zaporizhzhia has been operating for more than six months. Now 30 people are temporarily living in it. According to the Director of the Center, Svetlana Adamenko, people who find themselves in difficult life situations come to them. Basically, these are women who have experienced domestic violence, and graduates of boarding schools who could not join the society.

They have started building the site back in August. And in November they presented it to residents. Children are delighted, which means mothers, too. On the playground there is  a slide, swings, toys, and even a model of the real road – with markings and signs.

For older children and adults there is a sports ground with exercise equipment, horizontal bars, table tennis. And also new benches.

The future plans of the Center’s management are to expand the site: installation of correction equipment for children with problems of the musculoskeletal system.