A Platform with Modern Fitness Equipment was Opened in the Center of Zaporizhzhia

Residents of house 148 in Soborny Ave. have established a sports ground with their own efforts. The simulators were acquired thanks to the victory in the competition “We are the City”.

Sports ground – instead of wasteland. It happens when the residents of the house come together, see the goal and do not see any obstacles. An example of activity and cohesion is the residents of house 148 in Soborny Ave. Local residents say that they have long wanted to improve the territory, and managed to do this thanks to the competition “We are the  City”. For a won grant of 85 thousand UAH they bought 10 simulators, a bench and made a cover.

Gennady Domashenko, Chairman of the OSMD: “Thanks to the competition “We are the city”, we were able to realize our plans. With the financial support of Zaporizhstal, we succeeded. We developed the project “Sport for All”, defended it, and won money. We received a grant in the amount of UAH 85 thousand. For those funds, 10 modern gym machines, a bench were installed and coverings were made. Now we have a great platform where people of any age can train.”

The locals themselves prepared the territory and installed the equipment, with whole families. They say they used to go in for sports to neighbouring schools. Now – they are not overjoyed with new opportunities. But they don’t want to stop at what has been achieved. Now they also want to build a stadium so that they can play football and basketball.