“Green Classroom” Was Fitted in the City of Zaporizhia

 School No. 49 won in the contest of social initiative “We are the city” with a green classroom project that should be located out on the street.

The territory near one of the educational facility at the school was specially equipped in order to allow pupils study in the open air.

Basically, pupils in grades 3 and 4 will visit the new “classroom”, because this green area is located near their educational facility.  There, two arbors were set up for children, above the tables with marked lines for playing chess.  On the asphalt were marked with a help of paint some “mathematical equations” and lines for such as active games “classiki”, long jump etc.  Moreover, an “ecological stand” was drawn up for children, with the basic rules of behavior in nature.  In the educational corner “romashka” vowels were painted for children, in order to see and remember them.  There is a similar flower with the letters of the English alphabet.  All in the “Green Classroom” 11 developmental locations.

 – “Speaking objectively, the most important investments should be directed to our children.  Contribution to their development, education, health are very important things.  Therefore, the Green Classroom project is one of the many social programs of the contest “We are the city”, performed by the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, which were implemented in Zaporizhia city”, – shared the leader of the youth organization of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Sergey Ilchenko and then added  – ““Green Classroom” is primarily aimed at live communication between children and their physical activity”.