New Playground for “little sunshines”

Due to the victory in the competition “We are the city” in the Zaporozhye kindergarten “Solnyshko” (note: “Sunshine”), in Shevchenkovsky district, a modern playground has appeared.


Now 122 educatees of kindergarten №89 can play volleyball, aim at targets, take sports on all sorts of horizontal bars, ladders and labyrinths – a total of 9 elements in the complex.

Since the opening of the kindergarten, in 1959, the ground has practically not been updated, and over time it became unsafe to play on it. The construction of the new site became possible thanks to the winning of the project in “We are the city” competition of Zaporizhstal works. The amount of the grant for the arrangement of the site was 70 thousand hryvnia.

In honor of the opening of the playground in kindergarten, a holiday with dances and games was held, which was visited by a member of the expert council of the social projects contest “We are the city” of the Zaporizhstal works Igor Chumachenko:

– Kindergartens should be taken care of. This is the first institution where the child comes, gets acquainted with friends, perceives the world, develops. The first sporting events are also held in kindergarten. And it is very important that the first sports skills are on such a modern equipment that it would be nice to take sports. In this kindergarten there are initiative parents, initiative pedagogues who took part in the social projects contest “We are the city” and won. Such a ground will develop not only sports skills for children, but also team up. We will be happy to support such initiatives in the future.