On the 11 of May, 2018 the representatives of the world’s leading companies in the field of IT industry, sales, consulting, oil industry, who are studying at the London Business School as an excursion visited “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works.

Rostislav Shurma, the CEO of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, acquainted the delegation with the environmental modernization of “Zaporizhstal”. During the meeting, the delegation visited the central control room of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, a new pickling line in the cold rolling shop No. 1 and a reconstructed blast furnace No. 3.

“I am impressed with the high level of IT-technologies that are implemented in the enterprise – production management is almost completely automated.  Companies such as “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works show that the Ukrainian steel industry has a high potential and a successful future “, – said the Senior Project Planner of “Midgard Ltd.” Tolga Talui.

That was the first acquaintance with metallurgy and Ukraine for many guests.

“I visited Ukraine and metallurgical plant for the first time, and I’m pleasantly shocked by the effective production and technologies that are used here. A great number of innovations have been made to improve the environment situation. This allows the company to become more modern, enter new markets for sales of products, reduce the impact on nature, “- said the Director of “Amazon U.K” Stone Shi.

It will be recalled that “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, according to a technology strategy, aimed at environmental modernization since 2012, has invested in the development and renewal of production UAH 8.8 billion.