A certificate for 50 000 UAH for the purchase of physiotherapy equipment for the children’s department of the central district hospital, three house movie theatres and a musical centre for village schools were handed over to the Priazov citizens during the celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the Priazov district by representatives of Zaporizhstal JSC, deputies of the regional executive committee Alexander Putnoki and Alexander Rabtsun. Undoubtedly, these are the most impressive gifts received in honour of the jubilee.

– Zaporizhstal JSC and the Priazov district are old partners tied with close friendship, — said the Finance Director — Deputy Chairman of the Board of Zaporizhstal JSC, Alexander Rabtsun. — The Works has invested quite a lot in this district. It has built a resort on the seaside, 3 agro complexes, a sausage shop and fish processing shop. Today, together with the Ilyich Works, we want to build a Priazov mining and concentration complex for mining iron ore. This will provide the Priazov citizens with new work places. We are also planning to develop the infrastructure. I think this will be the best years in the history of the Priazov district.

The Priazov district is really rich in natural resources. This is also a tourist and resort area. Today we consider that this district has great investment possibilities. The main thing is not to interfere. The deputies of the regional and district councils have to understand their responsibility. Today it is necessary to do everything for the well-being of the district, for the people to have work.

On the instructions of the Chairman of the Board — General Director of Zaporizhstal JSC, Hero of Ukraine, Vitaliy Antonovich Satskiy, on the day of the jubilee of the district, we would like to hand over a certificate for 50 000 UAH to purchase equipment for the children’s department in the hospital, so that they can get qualified medical treatment because they are our future and our best investment.

I would like to mention, that together with the technical director, the first deputy chairman of the board of Zaporizhstal JSC, Alexander Yu. Putnoki, we participated in the celebration as deputies of the regional council because we are curators of this district. On behalf of the fraction of Yulia Tymoshenko block (BYut) I present the three house movie-theatres to Stepanovskoy, Botiyevskaya and Chkalovskaya schools. Alexander Putnoki, representing fraction NSNU, presents the musical centre to the Novospasskaya school.

All the gifts were handed over to the leaders of the district by A.Yu. Putnoki and A.I. Rabtsun, under the applause of the citizens of the Priazov district, who attended the official part of the jubilee celebrations.

– I am in the seventh heaven with happiness, — said the head doctor of the district hospital, Gennadiy Solovyov, not hiding his joy. — Never before has our district received sponsor aid at such a large sum of money. The money has already been transferred to our account. We would like to express our gratitude to the Chairman of the Board of Zaporizhstal JSC, V.A. Satskiy, and others managers of the Works for their help and support.

– For 15 years Zaporizhstal is investing large sums of money in the development of the district, being the largest investor, — said the chairman of the district council Peter Bazdyrev. — Approximately 60 million UAH has been spent by Zaporizhstal JSC on the construction of the Works’ resort. Shops have been built for the processing of meat and fish. The Works spent 25 million UAH on this project. The resort and processing production have employed 400 workers. The Works also provides work places for 200 persons in the organization “Rayagrostroy”. We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.

The peculiarity of our district is its large territory. It is unique in the aspect of 50 km of seashore, which, unfortunately, is not completely developed. The district is a perspective one, as it is the fourth in the country regarding iron ore sources. Today the Kuksungurskoye and Sergeevskoye deposits are waiting for exploitation. The difficulty lies in the absence of gas. The Priazov district is the only one in the Zaporozhye region which is not gasified. All the Priazov citizens have a dream. They are all waiting for gasification of their district.

The jubilee celebration programme was very extensive: it included concerts, sports competitions, a fair where hand made items were sold, exhibition of items made by children, presentation of a book written by local writers, a district show “Star duet”, summing up of the competition “Seven wonders of the Priazov district”. Anatoliy Serdyuk, singer and composer, was a guest of the celebration. Culmination of the celebration was a colourful firework.


Before the beginning of the official programme it was possible to taste national Ukrainian, Russian, Albanian and Bulgarian dishes and drinks on the central square of the town. The village councils did their best. They not only invited the best cooks and hosts but also thought about a musical background: the guests tasted the delicious food accompanied by frolicsome songs which could be heard in practically every tent and stall. Among those who tasted the Priazov dishes was Valeriy Cherkaska, acting Governor of the Zaporozhye region. In fact Valeriy Cherkaska was one of the first guests awarded a memorial lapel badge “Priazov district — 85”.