At present Zaporizhstal JSC has worked out a programme on technical retooling and modernization, including technical, ecological and environmental protection measures which is being successfully carried out. One of the key stages of the mentioned programme is the construction of a converter shop. For several years specialists of the Works have been studying in detail the world experience and many variants have been considered regarding transfer from the open-hearth furnace production of steel to the converter method.

As a result the new converter shop designed by “UkrGIPROMEZ” includes the most modern development of steel production and can provide the production of practically all carbon steel grades in accordance with international standards and rigid ecological measurement data.

The new shop will be located close to the rolling shops on a construction site bordering to the north part of the Works. The shop equipment includes: 2 desulphurization units, 2 converters 250 tons each with combined blowing, 2 2-position ladle-furnace unit, 2 vacuum vessels of a ladle type and 2 thick slab 2-strand continuous casting machines.

Commissioning of the new converter shop will allow Zaporizhstal JSC to considerably widen the range of steel grades, improve the quality of rolled products’ surface, the uniformity of metal structure and property, which will permit the Ukrainian producer to successfully compete in the domestic and world markets.

This great construction will permit to considerably reduce the consumption of natural gas and other power resources and raw material, increase the level of production and, as consequence, provide increase of social measures of the Zaporozhye Iron & Steel Works.

Transfer from the open-hearth furnace production of steel to the converter method with putting out of operation of the open-hearth furnace shop is included in the “Programme of overcoming the ecological crisis in Zaporozhye” and will lead to reduction of harmful substance emissions into atmosphere by 6636.7 t/year. At the same time according to the technical and economic feasibility study of the converter shop the reduction of emissions is even more essential than foreseen in the regional “Programme”. The planned date of commissioning is 2012.

Firm “Siemens-VAI” (Austria) was chosen the supplier of equipment on a tender basis. This firm has a rich experience of co-operation with European and World steel industries.

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Construction of the converter shop is one of the most important technical retooling and modernization programmes of Zaporizhstal JSC. The Works has spent approximately 4 billion UAH of its own funds on modernization, technical reequipment, introduction of power saving technologies and construction of environmental protection installations in the period 2001 — 2007.