On the 2nd of November, 2013, with administrative and financial support granted by “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, a great campaign on grounds cleaning and maintenance of the living and natural resources of Dnieper river will be conducted within the public ecological initiative “Let’s Save Dnieper Together!”. The organizers of this initiative informed about it on the 28th of October, 2013, during the press-conference.

In the course of the campaign, its participants are intended to remove rubbish at the bank line along the Embankment Trunk Road, as well as in the area of natural reserve in Khortitsa Island, in the flooded areas of the hard-to-reach islands. Besides, the volunteers of the “Let’s Save Dnieper Together!” campaign will carry out planting of the oak plantlets, installation of the nesting places for the birds and feeding troughs for the wild animals in the area of natural reserve, underwater cleaning of the lateral channels and of the waterside areas. It is worthwhile noting that at the Embankment Trunk Road, they plan to carry out a large-scale stocking with fish — over 20 thousand fishes will be put into Dnieper River.

The organizers invite all those who wish to come to the main gathering points on the 2nd of November at 9.00, namely: Metallurgists’ Culture Palace, Festival Square, Svoboda Square — transport, toolware and mobile kitchen trailer will be arranged for the participants of the campaign.

Let’s remind you that the public ecological initiative “Let’s Save Dnieper Together!” started for the first time in November, 2012, and it was aimed at realization of the environment-oriented, ecological activities, maintaining of the environment, as well as the main Ukrainian waterway — Dnieper River. The initiative is a complex of public, business and government initiatives, which through the public and entertaining events allow not only to solve some ecological problems, but also to raise ecological culture and social activity of the citizens.