Metinvest’s Zaporizhzhia Enterprises Launch All-Ukrainian Challenge “Steel Around Us”


Employees of Zaporizhstal, Zaporozhogneupor and the Zaporozhye Foundry and Mechanical Plant were among the first participants in the Steel Around Us Challenge, launched by the international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical group Metinvest.

The main purpose of the challenge is to show how many steel things surround us in everyday life. At home, at work, on vacation – there is always something steel at hand that is beneficial or just pleasing to the eye. We no longer attach much importance to this, but metallurgists work day and night to make as much material as possible, from which those things will then be created.

Teams from Metinvest’s Zaporizhzhia enterprises shot videos and invited their friends, colleagues, and partners from Zaporizhzhia to participate, and a few days later other teams from different cities joined.

Many Zaporizhzhia teams have already joined the search for steel: the newspaper “Industrialnoye Zaporozhye” and the TV channel TV-5, the largest public organization “Zaporozhye. Platform for Joint Action “, public union Metinvest Green Center. Zaporozhye “, as well as the company “MD Estate “, which involved in the challenge of its offices throughout Ukraine – Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Kyiv.

We have collected all the videos of the participants on our website. You can see them by following this link

Each team that has published their video throws a pass to their friends and colleagues, but you can also take part without waiting for a pass. The main thing is to get acquainted with the conditions.

Full version of the challenge:

The first person throws or passes a steel object to one of the four sides of the screen, and the latter already catches his version of the object and also passes it to the next participant;

after you have caught the item – show a like and pass the item on;

video editing can be performed by any editor built into the phone;

when the video is ready – post it on your social media pages with hashtags: # стальвокругнас # стальнавколонас #passthesteelchallenge.

Light version of the challenge:

If it is not possible to assemble a team or reluctant to monitor – take a photo;

pick up or touch a steel object;


take a picture of yourself with a steel object and like post a photo on social networks with the hashtags # стальвокругнас # стальнавколонас #passthesteelchallenge.

The most active and creative participants of the challenge can receive prizes if they have time to publish their videos or photos before August 10. You can learn more about the conditions at the link.