On the 14 of March at the labour collective conference, which took place in the Palace of Culture of Metallurgists, the main law of the Works was signed, i.e. the collective agreement for 2008.

V.D. Khelemenkik, HR Director, Chairman of the Committee on preparation of the collective agreement, reported on the fulfillment of the agreement. Victor Dmitrievich noted, that out of 124 measures mentioned in the collective agreement for 2007, 122 were fulfilled. The Works collective has overfulfilled its obligations on production of pig iron — 63.8 thousand tons, steel — 106.5 thousand tons, rolled products — 128 thousand tons. Consumer goods have been produced at the sum of 351.6 mln UAH, which is by 51.7 mln UAH more than mentioned in the collective agreement. Rejected material losses have been reduced by 19,6% against 5% accepted by the collective agreement. At the Works the programme on technical reequipment, revamping and modernization of the fixed assets is being successfully realized. Jobs have been accomplished on aspiration of air from the loading parts of sintering machines Nos. 1-6 and electric substations. An electric filter has also been put into operation. Construction of a cleaning aspiration unit is one of the environmental protection measures of the regional programme of overcoming the crisis allowing to reduce emissions into atmosphere by 2.5 thousand tons per year with the following utilization of dust in the sintering shop, labour conditions improvement and increase of reliable work of the equipment. Commissioning of the modern air separation unit ASU-60, which became the first steady step towards the transfer to converter production of steel, opened a wide perspective for the Works.

The average salary of one Zaporizhstal worker in 2007 increased by 21.6% (456.33 UAH) against last year’s level, including the salary of one worker of the industrial personnel by 21.4% (480.78%), among which the salary of workers increased by 22.4% and engineering staff — by 18.4%.The salary of one worker of non-industrial personnel increased by 23.8% (269.76 UAH).

Now a few words about the collective agreement. The collective agreement is a normative act of social partnership, which is a guarantee of effective work of the enterprise, the foundation of solving social-labour and economical problems of its workers. Thanks to this document our Works is one of the leading enterprises in respect of the level of social and economical guarantees of the workers.

Work of the administration and labour collective of Zaporizhstal JSC is directed towards the following: increase of production efficiency; improvement of the quality of the products; fulfillment of the programms on technical requipment, revamping and modernization of production; accomplishment of massive work on power saving and improvement of ecology; increase of labour protection level; fulfillment of the collective agreement conditions.

Social policy of Zaporizhstal JSC foresees the following main trends: provision of tight interconnection between labour results and salary of the workers; solution of social problems of the workers; care of those who are working at the plant, directed towards improvement of the worker’s health and the members of their families; development of physical culture and sports at the works; organization of recreation; rendering of address help to the social unprotected categories of population, connected with the Works; sponsorship.