Zaporozhye in Flowers! Projects of the Contest “We are city” Are Visible to Everyone

Spring is coming, the flowers wake up and strain towards the sun. Workers of Zaporozhye PU “Titan” planted 30 thousand bulbs at the territory of Voznesenovskiy Park during last fall: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and muscari. To buy all this beauty “Titan” was able thanks to participation in the contest of social initiatives “We are city” of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”. For the development of floral ideas, the utility received 100 thousand UAH.

– Our project calls “There will be a garden-city here”. Today, a large flowerbed, created within the framework of the project, has already made grown! – said the director of the PU “Titan” Larissa Ishchenko. – The flowerbed is located in the landscape of Voznesenovskiy Park near the “Rainbow”, this is one of the popular holiday destinations in the city of Zaporozhye. A few thousand more bulbs are planted throughout the park. Our flowers have different varieties, heights and colors.

PU “Titan” is not the first time participating in the contest of social projects “We are city”. One of the concerns of the “Titan” is the city beach, where they keeping the sanitary condition of the territory and the serviceability of the equipment. In 2015, PU “Titan” was also the winner of the contest of social projects “We are city” and received 100 thousand hryvnia for the improvement of the recreation area for the physically challenged people. Now on the beach there is a comfortable recreation area for such people – with drinking fountains, showers, shady canopies, changing rooms, a bathing ramp and special paths leading directly to the water.

– In 2017, we also plan to participate in the project “We are city” – said the director of PU “Titan” Larissa Ishchenko. However, we keep our creative thoughts about the improvement of Zaporozhye city in secret. In the meantime, we are waiting when the petals our bulbs will strain towards the sun and a huge tulip valley will decorate our city of Zaporozhye!

Applications for the contest of social projects “We are city” are accepted until April 1 inclusive. Join now!