Metinvest Volunteers in Zaporizhzhya held a charity exhibition for the full-scale war anniversary

On the anniversary of the RF’s full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, the youth organizations of Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhzhia held a charity exhibition-auction “365 days of invincibility.”

The exposition presents military supplies and household goods of Ukrainian defenders, frontline trophies, and the subjects of art, in which the war is reinterpreted. These artefacts were handed over to the Metinvest volunteers by the servicemen for gratitude and comprehensive assistance. During the event, a photo exhibition dedicated to the staff of Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhzhia is organized, who defend the country in the Armed Forces.

In total, from the beginning of the full-scale war, 1426 employees of Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhzhia joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To support their colleagues and other servicemen, as well as Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes in the occupied territories and areas of active hostilities, there is a powerful volunteer movement at Metinvest. It included hundreds of young employees who accept internally displaced persons in the accommodation centers, form humanitarian kits, and deliver them to the frontline towns and help defenders.

Volunteers of the youth movement of Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhzhia helped with the accommodation of about 10 thousand internally displaced persons, collected and transferred more than 85 tons of clothing. Metinvest’s youth in Zaporizhzhya provided our defenders with more than 16 thousand meals, 17.5 tons of baking, 100 camouflage nets, 1000 pcs. of camouflage covers for helmets, and more than 5000 trench candles of their production.

Each visitor of the exhibition was able to join the volunteer movement and master the making of camouflage nets or the fabrication of trench candles within the workshops.

Since the early days of the war, Zaporizhstal and other Metinvest enterprises have channelled all resources to support Ukraine.   We accommodated internally displaced persons, sent humanitarian cargo, strengthened hospitals, and participated in the elimination of enemy attacks on the city. A lot of work has fallen on the shoulders of our volunteers. Metinvest employees have shown themselves not only as skilled manufacturers, but also responsive to another’s grief. And the charity event, which organized the Metinvest youth – once again confirms: our strength is in unity,” said Roman Slobodyanyuk, acting General Director of Zaporizhstal.

During the exhibition, Metinvest volunteers held a charity auction. Among the lots, one could find art objects from fragments of combat shells, patriotic paintings, and military accessories decorated by Ukrainian artists. According to the results of the auction, 17 exclusive exhibits were purchased; the collected amount exceeded UAH 35 thousand. The funds raised will be sent for supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine – to purchase paraffin for the fabrication of trench candles, bases for camouflage nets, and cover material.