Important lessons to be learned in the Carpathians

In February, 21 employees of Zaporizhstal went to the Carpathians to learn how to manage and manage youth social projects. Why in the Carpathians? There are several reasons.


Young employees went to conquer new peaks: professional and mountain. With mountain peaks there weren’t any problems, since the lifts were invented a long time ago, and now it is only a pleasure to go skiing. It is desirable our young employees to be given new knowledge just as easily. Therefore, management training was not turned into a stumbling block or rocky mountain top. It was held in the form of group game training. The youth was divided into teams and played several games – they were looking for new solutions for non-standard tasks, they painted a portrait of an ideal youth leader.


The management training has one important goal, about which engineer Artem Rudenko — one of the training participants — told well:

– I combine my work duties with the duties of a youth leader in the Office of Environmental Protection. This means that I must timely inform all young employees about upcoming events at the works, motivate them to participate in various activities, and be able to collect them together. After completing the training, I realized where I could apply my knowledge. They will be useful to me for establishing communication with young people in my division, to build productive relations with them. The productivity of the works youth organization will depend on this.

Team building

In the stream of current issues and tasks it is easy to lose a friend, but it is easy to find an annoying colleague. To improve communication between colleagues, it is sometimes necessary to add some informal atmosphere to them. After such a small rest, not the employees return to work, but the team. Needless to say that the results of their work will be expected higher?


This year our winter is mild. So we are glad that our young employees managed to watch the real winter in the Ukrainian Carpathians.