Zaporizhstal Purchased Cleaning Equipment for the City Clinical Hospital


As part of the program to combat COVID-19, Zaporizhstal purchased and handed over Gaomei cleaning equipment for sanitization to the Zaporizhzhia City Clinical Hospital of Emergency and Ambulance Medicine. For these purposes, the Works allocated UAH 160 thousand.

The new technical equipment will allow automated cleaning of the hospital premises, ensuring efficient cleaning and a high level of cleanliness. Taking into account the special requirements for hygiene and sanitation during a pandemic, the new equipment will ensure a high level of cleanliness and safety of the environment in the hospital, where more than 20 thousand citizens receive medical care every year, more than 11 thousand operations are performed annually and more than 400 doctors work.

Doctors themselves emphasize the importance of high-quality treatment of hospital premises in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards, especially for patients with reduced disease resistance and weakened immunity.

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