Zaporizhstal implemented a number of scientific projects of Zaporozhye inventors to the Day of the River Dnieper


Zaporizhstal financially supported a number of events held in Zaporozhye on July 7 – the International Day of the River Dnieper. Within the framework of the public ecological initiative ” Save the Dnieper Together!” scientific employees of Zaporozhye National University, participants of Zaporozhye School of Robotics and Programming Smart kids, representatives of NGO Ecosens and Zaporozhye Regional Water Resources Administration demonstrated a number of scientific inventions aimed at cleaning the Dnieper from rubbish , domestic and industrial wastewater.

Since 2012 Zaporizhstal has been providing organizational and financial support to the socially significant environmental initiative “Save the Dnieper Together!” in which public organizations, institutions and just indifferent residents of Zaporozhye region took part.

At special industrial water areas of Zaporizhstal Steel Works there are equipped rafts with colonies of microorganisms, natural water meliorators, with the help of which additional purification of industrial effluents neutralized at the enterprise is quickly carried out. This biotechnology is the development of Zaporozhye National University and Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Zaporizhstal also provided financial support to the school of robotics and programming Smart kids in the creation of Waterbot, a robot that can autonomously collect plastic and polyethylene garbage in a reservoir. The robot is equipped with a pH sensor that analyzes the acidity of the water and its suitability for swimming.

“Waterbot is the basis for creating a full-fledged mobile monitoring laboratory for the condition of water basins. It is good that the younger generation is aware of the responsibility in solving environmental problems and is actively participating in this,” – says the teacher of robotics school Smart kids, the head of software department ZNTU, Professor Sergey Subbotin.

Public Environmental Initiative “Save the Dnieper Together!” is held by Zaporozhstal since 2012, over 6,300 participants took part in the contest, over 600 oak seedlings were planted, more than 96 tons of garbage were collected, about 130 thousand fish were released to the Dnieper, 5,000 spawning grounds for fish and 30 floating fish nests for birds were installed.