“Zaporizhstal” Has Summarized the Work of the System for Proposals Submission in 2018


In 2018,  as part of the proposal submission system, “Zaporizhstal” employees adopted 8500 proposals aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of technological processes and costs reducing.  The expected economic effect from the introduction of proposals will be more than 200 million UAH per year. The actual effect of previously implemented proposals amounted to 172 million UAH per year.

The proposal submission system has been implemented at “Zaporizhstal” works since 2012 and is aimed at encouraging employees’ initiative to improve production processes. Introducing the ideas of workers, the enterprise increases the economic efficiency of production. The participants of proposal submission system are rewarded.

Among the most effective proposals for 2018 we can note two proposals: the first one is the idea of reducing the consumption of drilling tools for the opening of blast furnace tap holes with an economic effect of more than 2.4 million UAH per year; and the second one is the proposal from rolling mill operator of CRS No. 1 for the cost optimization of producing tin and strip with annual savings at the amount of 2.3 million UAH.