Zaporizhstal has built a new road in Zaporizhzhia


The Zaporizhstal Steel Works of Metinvest Group completed the construction of a new road on the Severnoye shosse, which connected Zavodskoy District with the city center. The highway is fully consistent with modern construction standards and is certified by the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine. The Severnoye shosse was built without the involvement of budget funds; the Works allocated UAH 220 million to the project.

The Zaporizhstal Steel Works built a four-lane highway instead of a two-lane road, which made it possible to double the highway’s carrying capacity – up to 16 thousand cars per day. To ensure the safety of all road users between the opposite lanes and along the roadsides, protection fences were installed.

Energy-efficient LED lights provide high-quality road lighting. The Works will also install four bus stations, two in each direction.

In the future, Zaporizhstal plans to reclaim waste dumps along the road to reduce dusting, plant out soil-fixing plants and young tree seedlings.

The construction of the road was carried out as part of the project for the environmental modernization of Zaporizhstal steelmaking production with further construction of BOF shop.

Yury Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group:

– The Severnoye shosse is the road to a new, even more environmentally friendly BOF shop, which will be built in Zaporizhzhia. The group fulfills its obligations and continues to invest in the environmental modernization of Zaporizhstal Steel Works. This construction is another example of Metinvest responsible attitude towards the environment.

Rostyslav Shurma, CEO of PJSC Zaporizhstal

– The transfer of Severnoye shosse is essentially a new infrastructure facility for Zaporizhzhia. For the city it is a new modern road, for Zaporizhstal it is another step towards the implementation of an ambitious project of Ukrainian metallurgy aimed at developing the regional economy and improving the lives of its people.