Zaporizhstal and Other Metinvest Enterprises Are Open to Innovations

The enterprises of the largest mining and metallurgical company in Ukraine are actively introducing innovative technologies of industrial automation.

The Metinvest Group of Companies and “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works are open to innovations in production. It is not the first year that the company has been implementing projects aimed at improving operational efficiency.

During the Day of Technologies and Innovations, which took place in Zaporizhzhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Director for Operational Improvements of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works Aleksandr Borisov shared with his colleagues the experience of introducing innovative technologies at both “Zaporizhstal” and Metinvest.

According to him, one of the most effective solutions is the implementation of a project to predict the level of silicon in iron. This solution was tested on one of the blast furnaces, and is currently at the stage of replication within the Company. This can significantly reduce fuel consumption in iron production.

– We have shown that innovative technologies can be effective not only in the IT sector, but also bring significant effects in metallurgy. For effective control of the iron production process, more than 100 technological parameters are controlled at the blast furnace, which have a different degree of influence on the heat balance of the blast furnace. The use of cloud solutions and artificial intelligence methods makes it possible to determine the relationship between these parameters and predict the silicon level in iron over a horizon of 8 hours. This makes it possible to stabilize the process of controlling the heat balance of the blast furnace and to proactively change the fuel consumption.

– We are open and ready to implement innovative solutions at enterprises. It is important for us that the Zaporizhzhia cluster, including companies that are engaged in industrial automation, young startups understand that they will find partners for themselves at the enterprises of Metinvest, at “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works, – said Aleksandr Borisov. – We are ready to cooperate on projects aimed at improving the operational efficiency of production processes.

It should be noted that this year Metinvest Group celebrates its 15th anniversary. The introduction of high-tech innovative solutions in production is one of the priorities of the company.