Zaporozhye Enterprises of Metinvest Presented a New Year’s Fairy Tale to 7200 Kids

Zaporizhstal, Zaporizhogneupor, Zaporizhkoks and Zaporizhzhya Foundry-Mechanical Plant prepared gifts for their employees’ children and students of sponsored children’s institutions for the New Year holidays. A total of 7,200 children received Christmas gifts.

The kids of the Company’s employees in the Zaporozhye region will receive more than 6,200 sweet gifts and attend costumed thematic presentations prepared by the creative teams of the metallurgists’ recreation center.

Metallurgists traditionally congratulated the pupils from children’s sponsored institutions who need special attention and care. Pupils from the specialized children’s home “Solnyshko”, the center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children, boarding schools “Svitanok” and “Oberig”, as well as children of social categories of the Zavodsky district, received sweet gifts from metallurgists.

Earlier, for St. Nicholas Day, Metinvest enterprises in Zaporozhye organized fancy-dress performances for pupils of sponsored children’s institutions and gave sweet gifts and fruits to the kids.