«Zaporizhstal» PJSC started the final stage of the Project on revamping the Sinter Plant – on the 5th of November, 2015, the Works has stopped the Sinter machine No. 3 in order to connect the main gas cleaning equipment. Next in turn is shutoff and connection of the gas cleaning equipment to the Sinter machines Nos. 4, 5 and 6. In the result, all six Sinter machines will be equipped with modern gas cleaning equipment, due to which emissions from the Works’ Sinter Plant will reduce up to 45%. The general investments in ecological modernization of the Sinter Plant will make up over UAH845 million of investments.

Connection and adjustment of each gas cleaning system requires about 2 months and full shutoff of the Sinter machine, where now connection is going on. «Zaporizhstal» PJSC started construction and erection works on installation of the gas cleaning equipment at the Sinter machines, in the middle of 2015. In the course of that period, a large-scale construction works have been performed, the main gas cleaning equipment have been erected for Sinter machines Nos. 3-4 – bag filters, adsorbers, dust removing conveyors, a system of process gas ducts. As of today, about 90% of metal structures of gas cleaning Nos. 3 and 4 have been already erected.

Looking back, in 2013, the Works completed revamping and put in operation Sinter machine No.1 equipped with a modern high-efficient gas cleaning facilities, in 2014 – it erected and commissioned gas-cleaning facilities for Sinter machine No.2. The supplier of gas-cleaning equipment for the Works’ Sinter Plant is the biggest Ukrainian producer – «Progress» Berdychev Machine-Building Plant, the general contractor for construction and erection works is Zaporozhye Construction and Erection Department (ZCED).

Permission No.IУ 114151740127 dated June 23, 2015 for construction of gas-cleaning systems at the Sinter machines Nos.3-6 was issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine.