Public environmental initiative “Save the Dnieper Together!” PJSC “Zaporizhstal” is recognized as the best in Ukraine among social projects

The public environmental initiative “Save the Dnieper Together!”, implemented by PJSC “Zaporizhstal” together with the national reserve “Khortitsa”, Zaporozhye regional organization of Fishermen and Hunters and the Federation of Underwater Hunting, Diving and Fishing, became the winner of the contest “BestinCSR” organized by the business magazine “Stable business”. According to the voting results of readers and expert community, the environmental campaign of the Works became the best public initiative in Ukraine.

Particular attention is paid to environmental education. Annually, within the framework of the campaign “Save the Dnieper Together!” the Works organizes environmental quests on the territory of the island Khortitsa, conducts eco-lessons for pupils from Zaporozhye children’s preschool institutions and general schools.

The public environmental initiative “Save the Dnieper Together!” received a second breath in 2012 when PJSC “Zaporizhstal” became a partner of the active public in matters of improving the main waterway of Ukraine. Every year the number of participants and partners of the campaign increases. Since 2012, more than 6300 participants took part in the campaign, over 600 oaks were planted, more than 96 tons of garbage were collected, about 130 thousand fish were released to the River Dnieper, 5000 spawning nets for fish and 30 floating nests for birds were installed.