On June 4, 2013 the representatives of standing committee on environment and natural resources management of Zaporozhye regional council and standing environment committee of the city council checked the performance of new gas-cleaning equipment of modernized sintering machine №1 of Integrated Iron and Steel Works Zaporozhstal.

Updating of sintering machine №1 with installation of high-technology gas-cleaning equipment is one of the main event, included into the “Program of environmental control, sound management of natural resources and ensuring of environmental safety of Zaporozhye, and into the trilateral agreement between Zaporozhstal Steel Works, Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources of Ukraine and Zaporozhye Regional Council. Investments of Zaporozhstal Steel Works into modernizing of sintering machine №1 amounted to 240 million UAH.

During checking, the representatives of environmental committees of regional and city levels familiarized in details with the operation of updated sintering machine №1, its gas-cleaning equipment, system of monitoring and control of effluent gases and dust, system of gas recovery and their matching to the norms, according to legislation in effect. “In 2009, the trilateral agreement was signed, now, we see the first results of fulfillment of this agreement. We are very glad, that today, we have seen not only the paper, but the operation of new reconstructed sintering machine №1, and the most important, how the gas-cleaning is running” — said the chairman of standing committee on environment and natural resources management of Zaporozhye regional council Oleg Skwirskiy. — “We are glad with the further plans of “Zaporozhstal” on construction of converter shop as replacement to open hearth furnace shop- it would be very good for Zaporozhye. I am sure, if the progress rate of reconstruction will go by such pace, the people of our city would be very sat-isfied.

It should be reminded, that by the end of April 2013., after the large scale modernization, the Steel Works put into operation the complex of equipment — sintering machine №1, high technology gas cleaning plant with two powerful electrical precipitators, exhausting department and compressor station. “Today, we clearly demonstrated to the representatives of regional and city environmental committees not only the new complex in operation, but also the consistency of our actions, regarding the improvement of environmental situation in Zaporozhye” —shared with the results of visit the General Director of Integrated Iron and Steel Works “Zaporozhstal” Rostislav Shurma. – «It is very important, that the owner (major shareholder) of Integrated Iron and Steel Works “Zapo-rozhstal” Rinat Leonydovich Akhmetov gives the powerful pulse to the development and moderni-zation of all Metallurgical Steel Works of Metinvest Group, with compulsive ecological emphasis».