On the 28th of April, 2015, at «Zaporizhstal» SW, it was held an opening ceremony of the Works’ mini-park named after Vitaliy Antonovych Satskiy who managed the Works for 26 years permanently, from 1986 to 2012. The ceremony coincided with Vitaliy Satskiy’s 85-anniversary jubilee. The hero of the anniversary himself, the Chief Executive Officer of «Zaporizhstal» SW Rostyslav Shurma, veterans and employees of the Works took part in that event.

The new mini-park is located near the Cold Rolling Shop No.1, in which the new Hydrochloric Acid Continuous Pickling Line (CPL) was erected and started in 2014. The location place of the new Works’ mini-park near the new Line is symbolic, as more than 10 years ago Vitaliy Antonovych Satskiy began the initial project preparation activity on erection of the Line, but the economic crisis hindered completion of this work. The active erection was restarted in 2013 and in 2014 – the Line was commissioned and put into operation.

«You are just great! We did much to provide steady operation of the Works. I’d like to say a lot of thanks to the staff and management, which is doing so much to keep the social sphere. The work of the collective has shown that at these hard times, the Works is able to operate stably, showing good results, pursuing the goals. You have a great future, take care of the Works and its staff!», Vitaliy Satskiy addressed to the Zaporizhstal’s employees at the mini-park opening ceremony.

Previously, the territory, where now the new mini-park is made, was the industrial site with the Works’ buildings. Now it is a green area for the rest of the Works’ employees – a fountain in the form of a rolling mill was placed, pavilions for leisure, they planted maple trees, viburnum, acacias, ornamental shrubs, and the grass-plot was sowed. Also a monument in the honor of Vitaly Satskiy was installed in the mini-park.

Vitaly Antonovich Satskiy’s contribution to the development of the Works is enormous. He was able to lead the Works through the complicated 90s and not simply able to keep the staff team and the Works, but to make the key for the future. The collective of “Zaporizhstal” is sincerely grateful to Vitaly Antonovych and to the Works’ veterans for a solid foundation that has been laid by them for the future development of “Zaporizhstal” – the Chief Executive Officer of “Zaporizhstal” SW Rostyslav Shurma underlined at the ceremony of the mini-park opening.

Upon completion of the solemn ceremony, the Works’ veterans got acquainted with operation of the new pickling line in CRSh-1, the draft of which was aimed to improve the environmental situation in the region. Ecological effects were: reducing of emissions of sulfuric acid vapors for 83%, the complete elimination of the Works’ discharges to the Dnieper River from the Cold Rolling Mill. Investments in construction of CPL-4 amounted to more than $ 90 million.