In the Drop-Hammer Plant of “Zaporizhstal” I&SIW, a scale project on modernizing and revamping of the production facilities, re-equipment of its Technology Park and main equipment had been completed. Investments into the project made up over UAH 17 million.

Within the scope of this Programme, 4 new travelling handling bridges had been erected in the workshop, it would permit to increase the loading and processing volumes of scrap metal, as well as it would increase the output of the Drop-Hammer Plant at large. Purchasing of this equipment gave an opportunity to work outside the operating area of the overhead travelling cranes and to refuse operating using the gantry cranes, which considerably increased the working output and safety. Operation time for metal scrap loading was shortened from 2 hours to 40 minutes, the output of the scrap processing grew up in 2 times. A unique kinematics and mobility of the new re-loaders made it possible to obtain the unavailable earlier combination of the range and handling capacity, due to that, it became possible to increase the volume of the metal scrap depot from 30 thousand tons to 120 thousand tons.

Purchasing the new equipment improved considerably the working conditions and comfort for the workers of the Drop-Hammer Plant — all the facilities are equipped with the modern automated electronic control system, operator’s cabs are not only protected against noise and have a wide overview radius, but also are equipped with the “climate control” system.