“Zaporizhstal” Steel Works congratulated its employees with 81st anniversary of the Works – 82 employees of the Steel Works had been awarded by Certificate of Merit of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works and Metinvest, and also by Certificates of Merit of Government Authorities and valuable gifts. Total amount allocated for bonus and valuable gifts was 300 thousand UAH.

To each Certificate of Merit, the Steel Works paid bonus to employees in the amount from 500 to 1 thousand UAH, and recipients of Metinvest’s Certificate of Merit received the certificates on improvement of material resources and everyday life of their department in the amount of 20 thousand UAH.

Besides, 43 employees of “Zaporizhsal” Steel Works and 17 employees of contractor organizations were awarded with valuable gifts (tablets). They participated in construction of two important projects of modernization of Steel Works – hydrochloric acid pickling line CPL-4 in cold rolling mill №1, and renovation repair of blast furnace №4 with modern aspiration system. On the eve of celebration, the ceremonial meeting was held in PC ”Metallurg” with participation of on- stage- performance groups. On the whole, 400 Zaporizhstal employees took part in the function. During the meeting, Rostyslav Shurma, CEO of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works congratulated several thousand strong collective body: “The best people – true professionals work at Zaporizhstal. There are invaluable gold reserves at the Steel Works – it is our veterans, who could impart to us, the younger generation of Zaporizhstal employees, the main things – strong will to victory, sincere affection to own Steel Works, hard, but honorary work. A profound bow to you, our dear veterans!”

Traditionally, on the occasion of festive event, bonus was paid to veterans, total amount allocated to these purposes – was 240 thousand UAH. Also, on the occasion of anniversary, the Steel Works arranged family sports event “Father, mother, I – Zaporizhstal employees family” which was held on November 15, in sports complex.